The Gabler Medical Group’s NeedlSafe™ Division specialises in
the design and development of patented medical safety devices aimed at preventing the transmission of life-threatening diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS through inadvertent needle stick.

Safety Syringe
Safety Phlebotomy Device

Safety Phlebotomy Device
IV Catheter

The primary focus of the Division is on the design of single-use safety products which combine low cost-to-manufacture with high ease-of-use for practitioners.

The current range of safety devices includes a disposable safety hypodermic syringe having a cost-to-manufacture which is within a few percentage points of comparable non-safety syringes; a disposable Safety IV Catheter assembly; and two single-use designs of a low-cost, safety phlebotomy device. A line of other cost-effective safety devices is in development.

With patents applied for in most major patent jurisdictions
around the world, the NeedlSafe™ Division invites enquiries from manufacturers wishing to produce the company’s safety devices under appropriate licensing and/or technical assistance agreements.


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