Gabler Ventura CPAP Flow Generator

For emergency treatment of patients during the Covid-19 pandemic


Non-electrical continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device powered by oxygen, either by hospital pipeline or oxygen cylinder. It is a breathing aid for Covid-19 patients, fitted with:

On/Off valve

Adjustable flow control

Adjustable FiO2

A venturi mechanism uses oxygen pressure to draw in ambient air and provide air flow and oxygen, the concentration is adjusted to the needs of the patient. The patient circuit contains a safety PEEP valve set at 20cmH2O, oxygen analyser (optional), Low resistance filter, 22mm hose, face mask and harness and adjustable PEEP valve, flutter valve with exhaust viral filter.

This product is manufactured in South Africa by Gabler Medical under licence from University College London and Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Ltd.

Standard Products

  • FOC500-001511

    Ventura CPAP flow generator with direct oxygen probe 

  • FOC500-003111

    Ventura CPAP flow generator with remote oxygen hose and oxygen probe

  • MIS450

    Ventura CPAP Patient Circuit

Accessories Available

  • FOR100-910071

    Pin index cylinder regulator with oxygen outlet

Technical Information

  • Flow Range

    0 to 140 litres per minute

  • Operating Inlet Pressure

     4 to 5 bar (58 to 72 psi)

  • FiO2 range

    29 to 100% Oxygen concentration

  • Oxygen Probe

    Gas Specific Inlet Connector 

  • Oxygen Consumption

    4.5LPM at 80LPM, 30% FiO₂
    11LPM at 80LPM, 50% FiO₂
    19LPM at 80LPM, 70% FiO₂

  • Outlet Connector

    22mm male hose connector

Dimensions – Including Probe

  • Depth


  • Height


  • Width


  • Weight

    480 grams